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Darkest of Days. Never heard of it? Consider yourself lucky. Darkest of Days is a game that had a good concept and then suffered from such horrible design  the game is pretty much unplayable. When I say unplayable I don’t mean because of glitches(Which the game also has) I mean it is the most bland, ugly, poorly presented, by the books game you will ever see.

Darkest of Days

Where to start… Well lets go with graphics. If you can call them that. The game pretty much looks like Half-Life(No not Half-life 2 I’m talking about the first one) Although that may be a insult to Half-life. Lets just say the game is Ugly with a capitol U. The character models are blocky, poorly animated and just overall generic. When I say poorly animated I mean it. A example you be your hand still looking like it’s holding a weapon once that weapon has already been thrown.(Makes perfect sense)

The games idea of music is 10 second loops of the most horrible sounding crap  you will ever hear. Voice acting if  you can call it that is laughable. You will often times find yourself laughing at something that wasn’t even intended to be funny because of how bad the voice over is.


Now let me set up the idea of the game so as to show you how poorly executed it really was. You are a solider under General Custer who is wounded however you are saved by being brought to the future because I guess you are important or something. It is then your job to go to various points in the timeline to save people who are important. Never mind the fact that the past is magically changing itself despite the fact that it’s already taken place. The problem with the game is that it barely uses the idea of going to various points in time. You will go to the Civil War or World War 1 most of the time. While you do eventually make your way to more current battles and by current I mean World War II(Yeah who didn’t see that coming) It’s to little to late.

Darkest of days play scene

Now the game promises future weapons with which you will destroy the armies of the past which would help to over come the tedium at work here. However you are hardly ever given this weapons. For every 1 time you run around with a incredibly powerful super weapon you will have to run around with a civil war era gun 10 times. The game tries to implement a upgrade system that allows you to upgrade reload times, damage, etc of the older guns in the game. The way you do this is by protecting people with blue aura’s during your missions. You protect them by using this little future balls called chasers that float around and knock them out(Why does no one noticed this sci fi future balls floating around and that you are the one using them? WHO KNOWS) or by shooting them in areas that would not be fatal. The problem is often times you have squad mates with you and they kill the blue aura guys without hesitance thereby making the entire process pointless.

Now you may think that doesn’t sound to bad maybe just a bit bland. Well that would be true if it wasn’t for the fact that the game has fundamentally broken shooting mechanics. Often times in the game you will find yourself getting shot from no where which is because you cannot see that incredibly bland enemy standing in front of you because he blends into the incredibly bland scenery. Good thing you have some of the worlds stupidest squad members most of the time. They will look in the other direction and get shot for you.

Often times you will find yourself doing a mission that simply cannot be completed because of some glitch you accidentally triggered without knowing forcing you to restart from the beginning. There are a few kill all the enemies with a mounted fun segments however since the guns have no reticule when they are mounted you pretty much have no idea what you are shooting and if you are even hitting it.  The grenades suffer the same problem. You will either throw the grenade 20 miles to far. Or just drop it at your feet. Either way it’s pretty much pointless to use them. Oh and lets not forget the MASSIVE amount of invisible walls the game has going for it. Think you can evade that group of soldiers you don’t need to fight on the way to your objective? THINK AGAIN there is a invisible wall every where except for through those enemies.

There is no multi player which I guess is a blessing as you would probably not find anyone online to play with. If by some miracle you did you would be quitting 5 seconds later thanks to the horrible controls. There is not a single redeemable thing about Darkest of Days. It may well be the worst game ever release for the 360.  The idea that someone may buy this game not knowing what to expect or may receive it as a gift somewhat angers me. If  you do happen to receive it as a gift then the person who gave it to you probably hates you. So a word of advice. Don’t buy this game. Don’t rent this game. Simply look at it on the shelf and laugh. Darkest of Days indeed.