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Valve’s new expansion for the wildly popular Left 4 Dead series is on the way, and it’s going to be changing some things we thought were already set in stone. Those of us that played The Passing know that Bill’s body lays broken and lifeless at the end of the last campaign. The Sacrifice looks to change things up a bit as it will tell the story of The Passing from the original survivors point of view. What is really interesting is that instead of losing Bill at some point during the campaign, now the player will be able to choose which survivor is going to be taking a dirt nap.

Louise is fucked!

The Sacrifice will be compatible with both L4D and L4D2. The expansion will also update the No Mercy campaign from the original L4D to allow the survivors from L4D2 to play through as well. As always, The Sacrifice will be available as a free update for the PC, but Xbox 360 owners gotta pay…nyah nyah:)

Source: Kotaku