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A new expansion to the Lord of the Rings Online has been announced as the “Siege of Mirkwood”.

The website says that Mirkwood will be introduced as a region within the MMO. It will see you dealing with new quests, new enemies (including Sauron’s Elite Trolls, the Olog-Hai) and the chance to infiltrate Dol Guldur with help from the Elves of Lothlorien. For fans of the story built up in the game so far, Mirkwood will end the story arc started in the Mines of Moria expansion.

The level cap has been bumped to 65, with new titles available and the ability for legendary weapons to reach level 60.

On the fighting front, there will be randomized instances for 1 to 12 players, a new skirmish system, the ability to create and control your own corps of soldiers and the ability to jump to the action of a battle in the world with the “World Join” feature.

And it’ll all be digitally delivered to your doorstep sometime soon. Well, presumably you pay first…