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With all the recent Zelda talk about how it will make you feel like your actually holding a sword in your hand, I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one excited about Nintendo’s next Zelda for Wii. However, Nintendo’s soul crushing, Reggie Fils-Aine pretty much told fans that they might as well keep waiting, as the game probably wont be seeing a release anytime next year…

why must you insist on torturing us like this Nintendo? Have we not pleased you enough by placing you as supreme ruler of this console generation?

“We haven’t committed to Zelda for 2010,” said the Reggienator on last night’s GTTV, as he continued to poke out the hearts of Zelda fans all across the world with his handy dandy pitch fork, “… so we’ll see how that continues to develop.”

Though not really a confirmation by any means, this does make seeing a new Zelda for the Wii in 2010 very unlikely. Fils-Aime did, however, point to others things in their 2010 lineup which all Nintendo fans should feel some sort of excitement over, such as “Sin and Punishment 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Other M, all of which are actually really great titles to look forward to. C’mon, even Miyamoto himself said he was very excited about Galaxy 2. He believes that the game will add even more to that great title.

So what do you think about this? Do you think that Mario Galaxy 2 is enough to hold you off for an entire year, or do you want to half and half on a pitch fork and give the Reggienator a doze of his own medicine?

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