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If the recent listing spotted on this German ratings board is to be believed, than Capcom’s famous Pheonix Wright attorney series could be making a surprise appearance on, you guessed it, the Nintendo Wii.

While things such a Rating boards like the USK and ESRB have proven, more often than not, rather good and reliable sources for leaking game information, and revealing many games yet unannounced by developers, I have to remind you that, while very, and I mean, VERY unlikely, It’s still a possibility that this new listing could have been mistakenly categorized for the Wii, instead of the DS.

The game has been ported over to the PC in Japan, so that alone shows us that getting the game on a higher resolution should prove to be a fairly straight forward task, since this wouldn’t really be the first time doing so. So, either as a full retail disc, or WiiWare, this shows almost undeniable prove that Pheonix Wright will be taking his next case over to the Wii, in one format or another.

So, what do you think? Would it be smart on Nintendo’s side to bring the game over to the Wii, or should Nintendo keep Mr. Wright on the DS?

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